About Raving Canuck

I’m a Canadian freelance journalist covering Canadian media and politics. I created this blog to place a critical eye on Canadian mainstream media and government.

I will be launching a crowdfunding account for this blog in the near future, but for now if you’d like to support my work please go to Loonie Politics and become a member. A subscription costs $5 a month, but with the promo code Gordon the yearly membership only costs $40, and I get a portion of the proceeds. On top of getting original content by me, you’ll also get pieces from veteran columnists Warren Kinsella and Michael Taube, as well as other up-and-comers like J. J. McCullough, editorial cartoons by Jeff Burney, and podcasts on the latest in politics. Click here to subscribe http://looniepolitics.com/register/.

For feedback and story ideas contact me at: GraemeCGordon@gmail.com or @GraemeCGordon

8 thoughts on “About Raving Canuck

  1. Recently (today), discovered your blog. Really appreciate your insightful commentary and pointing out the wheat amongst the chaff. Well done.
    One suggestion for your blog, could you make your font “darker”. Improves the contrast, providing additional “clarity”.
    Thank you.

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