Alleged Toronto Serial Killer was Santa Claus at Scarborough’s Agincourt Mall

As news broke today that Toronto Police had arrested and charged a man with two counts of first-degree murder of Selim Esen and Andrew Kinsman, social media swirled with speculation over whether or not a profile on Facebook matched that of the alleged killer.

On the Facebook profile of alleged killer Bruce McArthur, a 66-year-old self-employed landscaper, there are pictures of the accused dressed up as a mall Santa Claus, with nearly about a dozen eerie pictures of him with kids sitting on his lap. Some accounts on Twitter suggested these pictures were from the Eaton Centre, but they’re actually from Agincourt Mall, located at 3850 Sheppard Ave East,  Scarborough. There are pictures from the mall’s profile and another Facebook user that confirm McArthur was the Agincourt Mall Santa Claus in 2015 and 2016.

Burce McArthur 2
From Bruce McArthur’s public Facebook page (Novermber 27, 2016).
From Agincourt Mall Facebook page
From Scarborough’s Agincourt Mall Facebook page.
A person’s public Facebook post of their Christmas photo with Santa Claus (alleged killer Bruce McArthur).
From McArthur’s profile, December 6, 2015.
From Agincourt Mall Facebook page.
From Agincourt Mall’s Facebook page.
train bruce mcarthur
Picture on McArthur’s Facebook page.

I’ve reached out to representatives at Agincourt Mall for comment and didn’t get a response in the first couples hours. I will update this story if and when I hear back.McArthur is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but a lot of people will be shocked to find out that their Christmas pictures of their children or families include an alleged serial killer dressed up as Santa Claus in them.

The fact that anyone can browse the pictures of an alleged serial killer, seeing their intimate pictures and how they mingled within society, is a bit bizarre and surreal, strikingly similar to something in a Black Mirror episode.

Other pictures on McArthur’s Facebook page suggest he lived a comfortable lifestyle. In some posts it’s almost as if he was flaunting his ability to elude police – if he’s indeed the killer.

Some Facebook users noticed they had common friends with McArthur.

After Toronto Police announced that they think McArthur was also the perpetrator in other murders in the gay village, many new questions arise as to how and why the police didn’t piece this together sooner as many in the community suspected this for years, and the police always said they didn’t believe several disappearances were the act of a serial killer, despite three men disappearing in the area years ago and other disappearances occurring last year.






2 thoughts on “Alleged Toronto Serial Killer was Santa Claus at Scarborough’s Agincourt Mall

  1. So why do you choose to point out what this person does for, perhaps one, at the most two, months out of the year, rather than admit what his regular job, a self-employed landscaper, or his proclivity, which appears to be targeting the gay community?
    Those of us who are in the Santa business, either for pay, or not resent your pointing out, merely to grab ratings.


    1. I think it is extremely important to point out he was a mall Santa Claus and there are NO REGULATIONS.
      There need be license with criminal records checks
      To all entertainers and that includes this so called Santa above comment why would you oppose license with criminal records checks to protect children , elderly and the vulnerable?Be part of the solution and not part of the problem
      Children’s Lives Matter.
      Google Regulations urged to protect kids from entertainers with criminal past.


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