November’s CBC Bias Bonanza!

By Josh Lieblein

Ladies, if he:

-had to shut down one of his many government comedy Twitter accounts because it was so unfunny that reading it was an act of self-harm

-directed the Executive Vice-President of English language services (who has already announced her resignation, btw) to draft a very thin-skinned response to a comedian’s criticism

-put up a photo of Trudeau to accompany a story about the CPC winning a by-election

He’s not your man. He’s the CBC, and why you’re in a loving relationship with the state broadcaster is beyond me.

Anyway, November was an especially biased month for the Mother Corp, as the CBC and its sycophants stopped playing defence and actively started to target those who were insufficiently supportive of publicly funded broadcasting. With a power-tripping Trudeau government consolidating its control over the media, we can expect further reprisals against the CBC’s enemies, and soon!

Hirsh Gets The Hook

So you probably already forgot (if you knew at all) that the CBC disappeared its longtime tech columnist, Jesse Hirsh, as punishment for a Network-esque rant about the cozy relationship between the public broadcaster and Facebook. Unfortunately, this isn’t Hollywood, and Hirsh’s implosion was quickly scrubbed rather than triggering a backlash against the CBC. This wasn’t helped by Hirsh’s subsequent CANADALAND appearance, where he railed in fine Stockholm Syndrome fashion against Facebook’s corrupting influence. State-owned media goooood, corporations baaaaad!

French Surrender

The CBC has been giving the recent protests in France the traditional kid-glove treatment, lest Canadians be incited to similar resistance against Trudeau’s carbon tax, or watch the footage coming out of France and learn how an active citizenry is supposed to act when resisting a government. Look at how their reportage is careful to call it a “fuel tax“. You have to feel for French President Macron, who learned too late that copying Trudeau is a bad idea, as he can only do what he does because he has an utterly compliant public broadcaster in his corner.

Opposition Day

I’ll just quote this one amazing tweet in its entirety: “The Conservative Opposition is accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of trying to bribe Canadian media to secure favourable media coverage.”

I mean, what else can you say? In one short sentence, the CBC managed to demean Trudeau’s critics, make the Prime Minister look like the victim, and imply that the very idea that Canadian media would, or could, be bribed to secure favourable media coverage is ridiculous. I mean, being bribed helps, but Canada’s media are perfectly capable of being overly favourable to the Liberals without a financial incentive, thank you very much!

TERF Swerve

In another one of those very sad but very common examples of a revolution eating its own children, self-professed feminist Megan Murphy has come under fire for her opposition to Bill C-16 and her loudly stated belief that “men aren’t women.”

My position on these leftist squabbles is clear and consistent: Nothing is to be gained from taking either side. It would be great if the CBC took no position on this particular leftist squabble, seeing as how they are downplaying the French anti-carbon tax protests, but of course they had to wade in and feature one of Murphy’s critics, who accused her of hate speech while she wasn’t invited there to speak in her own defence.  

A Family Com-Pact

It’s very hard to add anything to Lorrie Goldstein’s takedown of the CBC’s barely-a-news-story on the political wrangling over the UN Migration Pact, but I would just like to draw your attention to this part:

Hussen said the fierce opposition from Canada’s Conservatives is politically motivated.

“It’s amazing to see how a very hyperbolic discourse that started in the outer fringes of our society has permeated into a mainstream political party in the name of the Conservative Party of Canada,” he said.

Fair point, but nowhere in the article do we get any indication that the Liberals are also politically motivated here. This is the exact same wedge that was used on the CPC for Motion 103: any dissent, be it loud or quiet, is treated as “hyperbolic discourse” and racist.

Shrinking Violet

I don’t know about you, but thanks to the CBC I feel a great swell of pride to know that we have a woman on a vertically oriented purple banknote while the US doesn’t.

I mean, sure, we’ve had the Queen on the $20 bill for decades. And sure, the CBC committed erasure by not even mentioning the name of the woman (Viola Desmond) or her race (she was black) in their tweet. And sure, the actual article explains that unlike us, the Americans have Founding Fathers who they can pick out of a lineup and that the US currency is a hedge against hyperinflation. And sure, we may have the guy who had a man-crush on Hitler on the $50 bill. And sure, we may have the guy who came close to banning the immigration of black people to Canada on the $5 bill. But why should any of that get in the way of us feeling good at the expense of the Yanks?

Twenty-Two Minutes Hate

Earlier I celebrated the death of CBC Comedy, but the hydra that is government comedy has many heads, and it now falls to rubber-faced gremlin Mark Critch and the This Hour Has 22 Minutes crew to provide us with hi-larious Never Trumpisms dressed up as “jokes”. But hold on, what’s this?

Ha, ha, ha! What a knee-slapper! Remember that time Doug Ford literally burned sex-ed textbooks, or books of any sort? You know what they say, though — the best comedy has just a little bit of truth to it.

Ummmm….OK? What does “un-pointing” your finger look like, exactly?

Really? Blaine Higgs, Scott Moe, and Brian Pallister said that? But I thought those guys were all part of the The Resistance together???

Wendy’s Weekly Wangle

Wendy Mesley’s “The Weekly” is fast becoming the go-to destination for left-wing conspiracy theories, as Ontario Proud founder Jeff Ballingall subjected himself to her pawings last month for reasons that are known to Ballingall and Ballingall alone:

“Canadians often PRIDE themselves on their efforts to PREVENT deep pockets from having too much influence here,” sneered Mesley, who clearly doesn’t regard the hundreds of millions of dollars in government funding received by her network as “deep pockets” compared to maximum $100,000 Ballingall could spend during the last provincial election. She then went on to ask Jeff how he was being influenced by the money he was raising. Irony, where is thy sting?

Barton’s Backfire

Finally, we have our old pal Rosemary Barton working overtime to normalize deficits, as she did in this clip.

As you can see, she claimed she was referring to the government thinking deficits don’t matter. What? She’s a journalist, folks. She’s being totally neutral and unbiased about the fact that the government doesn’t care about deficits. She reports, and you decide! Well, it seems that based on the response to that clip, that more people decided that she was saying deficits were no big deal. I wonder why nobody believes her (per)versions of events?




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