CBC, in True Pravda Fashion, Omits Gas Plant Conviction on Friday’s ‘The National,’ But Has Time to Look Back at Host’s Archive Footage and for Trump, Trump, Trump

The state broadcaster is at it again with it’s disgraceful propaganda. CBC’s “The National” — pathetically in third place in the TV ratings for a Canadian nightly news broadcast, despite being given a $1.2 billion advantage over its competitors courtesy of taxpayers — disgustingly neglected to report on the conviction of former Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s chief of staff on Friday.

(The only time Wynne and the OLP seem to make the CBC’s nightly news is when they’re championing some socialist agenda like the minimum wage or their aides are acquitted on charges.)

It’s not every day a former premier’s top aide is criminally convicted over the deletion of public records revealing the Ontario Liberal Party canceled two gas plants, estimated to cost upwards of $1.1 billion overall to taxpayers, all in the self-interest of saving a few Liberal seats. But the CBC doesn’t have time for THAT! No, Friday was such a wild news day that they just couldn’t possibly fit a report on something that is so like 2012 news. Not that the OLP’s gas plant scandal was ever considered much of a story even then by the CBC. No, you see, Liberals can burn money with impunity as far as CBC is concerned, just so long as CBC is still overfed at the taxpayer trough. CBC, back around the same time as the gas plant scandal, instead focused on Nigel Wright cutting a $90,000 check for Senator Mike Duffy so he would pay back taxpayers for sketchy expense claimes. The only time CBC suddenly cares about Canadians money being blown is when a Conservative is caught, like Bev Oda and the infamous $16 glass of OJ. CBC really couldn’t care less about taxpayer money being wasted and the crippling debt that’s being incurred and the billions wasted in servicing the debt. They only feign outrage over wasted taxpayer money when Conservatives are in power and are the culprits because they know conservative voters don’t like to tolerate waste.

How else can you explain the CBC’s “The National” ignoring the verdict in the gas plant scandal, which, again, cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars?

Oh, sorry, I forgot, it was because Friday was an insane news day.

CBC needed to spend five minutes on Dear Leader at a reserve still in dire straights despite his by and large empty promises in the last two years. If CBC really cared about the welfare of people on the reserves they would still be hounding Trudeau over scrapping financial transparency of the chiefs and reserve band councils. But no, everything is all about keeping up appearances for the CBC. How else could you explain CBC turning a Gucci-sunglass-wearing, luxury SUV-driving  Chief Theresa Spence, whose people were homeless while she lined her and her boyfriend’s own pockets, into the next Mahatma Gandhi?

CBC also needed to spend nine minutes on a feature of two American women’s opinions on Trump’s first year. Yes, a whole nine minutes was needed for this, including a 15-second pause when one woman tries to think of one thing Trump did that was good. Groundbreaking journalism to be sure.

CBC just couldn’t afford to spare any time from a story on an Olympic speed skating coach that had alleged sexual relationships with American speed skaters in the past when he worked for the US team. Still waiting for CBC to address similar allegations made against CBC idol Peter Mansbridge.

CBC needed another four-and-a-half minutes were need to talk about the US government shutdown, as if this doesn’t ever happen or is affecting Canadians. Of course the CBC had nothing, even on its website, about the story blowing up late Thursday night on a classified memo, which Republicans in Washington are demanding be released to the public, allegedly showing the FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign were made on the “unverified” and dubious Trump dossier, which looks like collusion of top officials at the Obama Department of Justice, CIA and within the Obama administration itself to help the Clinton campaign and intervene the election process. Forget all the trumped up charges over the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russians, the real smoking guns in apparent election meddling are in the Democrats’ hands. Not according to the CBC though.

CBC spent another four-and-a-half minutes on the alleged Toronto serial killer, yet somehow totally missed the revelation that Bruce McArthur was connected on social media with several of the men who disappeared in the gay village in the past seven years. Sloppy journalism to be sure.

CBC also spent five-minutes on the acquittal of three train workers in the Lac-Mégantic disaster. An important story for sure, but you’d think they could’ve reported it in three minutes and spent two minutes on the conviction at the gas plant trial?

Finally, “The National” also needed to include an airplane landing in strong winds, a bear eating cake, more union-organized Tim Hortons protests inflamed by the CBC a couple weeks ago with selective reporting and two minutes spent between the three hosts — Rosemary Barton, Adrienne Arsenault and Ian Hanomansing — discussing archive footage of Hanomansing back in the eighties.

Here’s a reminder of how CBC hammered Bev Oda over her “extravagant expenses” on a trip. Where was CBC’s “The National”‘s report on the news Friday (although admittedly first reported by the CBC, but not given prominence or making the flagship program) that the Health Minister’s Twitter account costs $100,000 per year to run? There could be countless stories on extravagant spending from this drunk-on-spending and big deficit Trudeau government.

Sadly the average Canadian still thinks CBC is a trusted news source they want to see get $1.2 billion from the federal government. This needs to change. The state broadcaster does not have the interest of properly informing Canadians on the shenanigans our politicians are up to, but instead feeds citizens carefully-selected pablum and agitprop, focusing on emotions and feelings instead facts and finances, that confirm their institutionalized socialist biases. May the CBC’s “The National”‘s ratings continue to tank.


Hijab Hoax: Unanswered Questions for Toronto Police, Some Questions Answered by the Toronto District School Board

So the appalling Toronto story that made international headlines of a man committing a hate crime against an 11-year-old child by attacking her with scissors and cutting her hijab twice turned out to be a hoax.

Here was the curt update from Toronto Police Services at 10:38 a.m.

“After a detailed investigation, police have determined that the events described in the original news release did not happen.

The investigation is concluded.”

Wait, not so fast. Does that mean there will be another investigation into the child’s family to pursue possible charges under the Criminal Code for public mischief for making a false statement?

On a Zoomer Radio podcast Toronto Police Services Unit Commander/Director Mark Pugash for Corporate Communications said the case was closed repeatedly.

“Are investigation is concluded. I won’t anticipate anything further coming from it.”

“No, as I just said, the investigation is concluded and I wouldn’t expect there to be anything else to arise from this.”

“We make decisions in every case based on the evidence we have, what is appropriate as far as any action we take in regards to any action we take in charging people. And we’ve decided with the conclusion of this case, and the finding of the events that were described on Friday did not happen, that we will not be taking this any further.”

“Again, I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to go into speculation about how it might have started or who may have been involved, our concern was that there were very serious allegations, which caused alarm and dismay to people in the city and beyond investigators worked very aggresively to gather a significant amount of evidence that they looked at, that they tested, that they analyzed, and the only conclusion that they could come to was that it didn’t happen.

It seems odd that the Toronto Police wouldn’t pursue an investigation into the family over what appears to be an elaborate hoax that has similar red flags — family participating in press conference, poised children, a phony story grabbing a lot of publicity —  like the Balloon Boy, whose parents had him participate in a hoax that fooled media into believing the boy had flown away on a large balloon. In the case of the Balloon Boy, his parents were sentenced to jail time, probation, community service hours, and fined.

(I’d include Clock Boy as well, but that has never definitively been proven to be a hoax, although Ahmed Mohamed’s father is a well-known publicity hound and the story of how he brought in the guts of a clock that looked very similar to a bomb and that his sister had said disturbing comments prior and that Mohamed basked in the spotlight all raise red flags.)

Of course laws are different in Ontario than in Colorado.

In Canada, charges can’t be laid on anyone under 12 years old, and for good reason, but if the mother or someone else was involved in hatching this hijab hoax, coaching the children to make a false report, then certainly the police should pursue the investigation and possibly laying charges.

It’s no laughing matter to waste considerable amounts of police resources and time on a false report and if any adults were involved they should face legal consequences.

I’ve reached out to Pugash for further comment on why they wouldn’t pursue investigating who was involved in this hoax and how much Toronto Police time and resources were used on this case. I will update this story if and when I hear back.

Re-watching the below video, where the girl tells the tall tale, it certainly seems suspicious now. The mother looks expectantly and nods her head when her daughter says “I felt really scared” and “I didn’t feel comfortable”, signs suggesting she might have coached her daughter.

(I found this video doing a search and don’t know or endorse the account @BasedMonitored.)

It also seems unlikely two siblings would concoct an elaborate plan on their own to cut twelve inches of a hijab and then make a false report that would trick police and the press (the police had the sliced hijab in their possession as evidence).

Although false reports are relatively rare, Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey pointed out — in “Hijab Hoax Girl Family Owe Canadians an Apology” — that another false report ended up with the offender getting off scot-free.

“There are too many questions remaining for the cops to leave it like this. Last August, police considered charging a man in Durham Region for misleading them about a false Islamophobia complaint. Section 140 of the Criminal Code covers public mischief. It says that ‘making a false statement that accuses some other person of having committed and offence’ could see you locked up for up to five years. They even arrested a homeless man in the case, only to later find the complainant’s story didn’t add up.”

I think the majority of Canadians would agree that they would want to see people giving police false reports punished.

There has been much furor from right-wing circles online over politicians and the press rushing to report and comment on Friday’s ongoing investigation, suspending any disbelief in a story that should’ve smelled fishy from the get go.

Although some healthy skepticism had being voiced, a lot of it descended into far-fetched, far-right conspiracy theories that will only grow now that it’s turned out it’s a hoax.

Perhaps the media do deserve some blame for not pushing back on the child’s narrative that didn’t seem to add up, but reporters were put in a difficult situation. It was an international story blowing up and they needed to quickly send copy to their editors. Furthermore, who wants to question a child on their story or believe that she is lying about being attacked by a man that morning? (Although, the original story certainly does fit the agenda of progressives in the media who tried to claim hate crimes were on the rise because of the so-called Trump-effect, with CBC being the worst offender in trying to bait people into buying white supremacist T-shirt after the U.S. election so the state broadcaster could falsely prove a non-existent trend and reconfirm their confirmation bias.) And only bigoted individuals would think these actions of kids, and perhaps her parent(s), have anything to do with the Muslim community at large.

Nevertheless, on the other side of the coin, leftist commentators should not immediately believe that this was just the imaginings of two children, simply because they don’t want to find out whether or not a Muslim mother put her children up to this. People should be judged upon their actions, and if it turns out the family was involved there should be consequences in wasting the police force’s time and resources, as well as for putting men, who fit the false description given to police, at risk of being arrested by police and possibly in danger.

With all that being said, I think it was unfortunate how quickly the political class in Canada were quick to comment on an incident that had just started to be investigated. Politicians helped raise the profile of this story to an incredible magnitude to score political points, which now makes it all the more difficult for the girl and boy to move on from this unfortunate chapter in their lives.

(Why would the PM use the girl’s name? And why is the tweet still up and/or not corrected? The original story did play into the Liberals’ hand, since they may advocate strengthening hate speech laws to protect Muslim-Canadians in the wake of the mosque shooting. It’s worth pointing out that there are far more hate crimes committed against Jews in Canada than Muslims (not that it’s a competition, but to point out the disparity in the coverage), since the media and Liberals might make you think otherwise.)

(At least Toronto Mayor John Tory, or his staff, had the sense to delete his original tweet and update the record.)


TDSB retweeting
Retweets still on the TDSB Twitter page. TDSB has not tweeted out an update.

I also reached out to the Toronto District School Board — criticized in the past for being overly political correct and ideologically left-leaning in its teaching — to get comment. Below is the email exchange.

To whom this concerns,

I’m Toronto-based freelance journalist writing a piece on the alleged Friday attack that turned out to be a hoax.

I realize TDSB has released a short statement and says it will not be commenting any further on this matter.

However, there are still some unanswered questions many in the public likely still have for TDSB that I will be addressing in a column. I would like to give the TDSB the opportunity to answer them.

1) Why did the TDSB think it was a good idea to hold a press conference within the school and to have the attacked student take questions at that same press conference? Should TDSB not have been protecting the girls identitiy?

2) Why has the TDSB suddenly decided to not speak to the media any further after being so open back on Friday?

3) Are the young girl and boy being disciplined by their school for lying to school teachers and administrators?

I look forward to hearing from you and getting some clarification on these questions.

Thank you for your time.

Graeme Gordon

Hi Graeme,

Here’s a statement that we’ve provided with regards to how the media avail came to be on Friday. I think this answers your questions.

“On Friday morning, Toronto Police tweeted about an initial report of an assault at the school involving a man cutting off a student’s hijab. As a result, a TDSB spokesperson was dispatched to the school, where multiple media outlets were already present and wanting to speak to the student and/or her family. At no time, did the TDSB call a press conference, however spokespeople from the TDSB and Toronto Police made themselves available to answer any questions. This was done inside the school due to the bad weather outside. After expressing concern that they were going to be approached by media outside while trying to leave, as well as a concern that no members of the community be subject to the alleged perpetrator, the family was asked if they would like to join the TDSB spokesperson as she spoke to media. The family members said they would speak to media and it was our understanding that this happened after, not before, they provided statements to police. Once again, we are very thankful that this assault did not in fact happen. Our motivation for commenting on the issue at the time was only out of compassion, care, concern and support — as did many elected leaders nationally, provincially and locally via interviews or social media.”

With regards to any possible disciplinary action, for privacy reasons, I’m not able to provide any more information on that. Hope you understand.


Ryan [Bird, TDSB spokesperson]

(The CBC loves to include comments from the PM in many reports unrelated to his job.)

Expect some on the left to want to move on from this story because it doesn’t fit their ideological agenda that free speech needs to be curtailed because of supposedly rapid rises in hate crimes on Muslims in Canada. And expect some on the right to be somehow convinced that this was an elaborate conspiracy, coordinated by politicians and the press.

Below are excerpts from an email sent from Rebel founder Ezra Levant, eager to exploit the situation and whip up anger by making sweeping statements. I’ve also included the video included in the email.

rebel 1

Rebel 2

Rebel 3

Rebel 4





CBC is Obsessed with Trump Circus and Trudeau Acting Skills, Neglecting Follow-up Reporting on Trudeau Government’s Scandals


The last few hundred thousand viewers still watching CBC’s The National (it gets crushed by CTV’s National News which easily gets triple the audience), in its new unpopular and painfully slow format (four hosts?!), as their primary source of news wouldn’t know anything about Liberal MP Geng Tan acting as an intermediary on a government trip to China for a Canadian-Chinese businessman now accused of fraud (you also won’t find anything on the Geng Tan story on CBC’s website). Joshua Boyle being arrested on 15 charges a few weeks after being granted a private meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the PM’s office barely registered in its programming. The Ethics Commissioner clearing Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau of wrongdoing — no surprise, really, since she had told him the letter of the law allowed him to hold on to his shares when he decided on that poor course of action back in 2015 after misleading the public into thinking he was putting his assets into a blind trust — the CBC treated it as if it were practically a full vindication. No follow-up questions on why he misled the public or how he benefited greatly. Instead CBC took Morneau at his word, like they did when he told them he was putting his assets into a blind trust, that he was donating all the money to charity, and no skepticism was applied on how he would still benefit from the profit of his shares earned while in public office because he can use the donation as a tax write-off.

No, instead these developments on Liberal scandals or screw-ups, depending on their severity, like Trudeau being found to have broken four ethics laws for essentially taking what looks like a quid pro quo (scandal), only get a few minutes coverage and then are scuttled away from CBC viewers’ attention.

According to CBC and ilk, what’s more important for Canadian audiences is to have endless coverage of every controversial thing President Trump says or does. Apparently CBC’s The National needed to devote six minutes on Trump’s alleged “shit-hole” comment and another three minutes on his cancelled London trip for Friday’s broadcast. A whopping 12 minutes was devoted to a sit-down interview with the Fire and Fury author, several days after the story first broke, in which Rosemary Barton lobbed softball question after softball question to Michael Wolff, eagerly lapping up his every word (even a progressive friend of mine, who bought the book as soon as it was released, doesn’t believe a lot of the tall tales told within). Despite many journalists and publications questioning Wolff’s spotty record on reporting the facts, when his book was released CBC’s Paul Hunter’s four-minute initial report completely glossed over this and instead personally vouched for Wolff’s integrity after several glaring errors had already been pointed out in the media about his book: “His columns at the time were like this book, rich in detail, full of anecdotes, whispered quotes, casual observations about what was actually going on around us. I just reread them in light of this new book and feel now as I did fifteen years ago when I first read them — to an experience I went through — to which I can attest, he nailed it. Bang on, I wouldn’t change a word.” Sounds a whole lot like gossip and yellow journalism to me. I’ll take the late, great David Carr’s word over a CBC leftist journalist desperately wanting to believe any negative story fed to them about Trump. There are already plenty of real controversies as it is with Trump, there’s no need to seize onto tall tales that will undermine your own credibility in presenting Wolff’s shaky gossip as the gospel. But CBC is always looking for the next Trump-bashing authoritative expert to put on The National to give its audience another long lecture denouncing Trump on its program. The National also bizarrely spent twelve minutes of a program interviewing comedienne Samantha Bee on Trump and #MeToo and eight minutes for another expert to claim Trump is undermining democracy (with scant proof provided).

Say, CBC, if you want to give celebrities and experts extended periods of time to discuss a foreign leader’s lies and faults, why don’t you do the same for PM Trudeau by having on Theo Fleury and Brett Wilson.

I’m not sure if CBC is aware of this, and most of the rest of the mainstream Canadian media at that, but Canadians can now use this thing called the internet to access way better and more informative coverage of American politics from American news outlets. A Canadian journalist’s job is to report on Canadian news, other than the odd Washington correspondent, no matter how unexciting it may be in comparison to President Trump’s shit show. If the majority of the media weren’t so busy tripping over themselves in excusing away Trudeau and his ministers’ bungling of government files and the PM’s poor judgement in accepting a free trip to the Aga Khan’s island or meeting Boyle despite his checkered past, on top of the breathless Trump coverage, they might find some pretty compelling stories of our own. Digging up more dirt on these controversies and others, e.g. the Canada 150 slush fund (I’m in the midst of auditing it), would provide them with plenty of compelling stories Canadians would be far more interested in learning about from Canadian journalists.

(Hey self-described conservative writer writing for the $1.5-million-government-subsidized Maclean’s and husband to the Liberal Environment Minister, try reading Terry Glavin’s — one of a handful of intrepid Canadian journalists actually holding this Trudeau government to account — reports on how Trudeau seems to be selling us out to China and maybe do a column on how the PM is a “Manchurian Idiot.” I won’t hold my breath. I guess the best way to not get called out for your conflict of interest with the Liberals, but to still help their cause, is to deflect and distract from your wife’s government’s screw-ups by writing endless columns about Trump’s antics. Below are more of his insight on Trump and American politics from Ottawa. Feel free to quickly scroll past all the chaff.)

I could also show you many of Gilmore’s colleagues similarly spilling pools and pools of ink on Trump instead of on pressing issues in our own country, but I think you get the point. What are some of those pressing issues not being covered you may ask? Well how about illegal migrants still walking across our border for one? The coverage for that has completely dropped off and I’ve seen no reporters keeping up the pressure on the PM on how he’s done nothing to stop it or to increase bureaucrats at the Immigration and Refugee Board, which I pointed out early last year, that Maclean’s has finally picked up on by reporting how they’re now flooded with applicants they can’t process in a timely fashion. Or how about CBC looks into how Vice-Admiral Mark Norman appears to have been thrown under the bus by the Trudeau government and potentially its former reporter, now working for the Minister of Defence, for simply doing his job? Or how about investigating how the Canadian Heritage continues to spend billions of dollars on dud after dud in arts and culture programming? Or how about looking into who is actually running the country and report about them (CBC et al reported way more on former Trump advisor Stephen Bannon than they have ever done on Trudeau’s top advisors) since Trudeau sees his role as PM as more ceremonial in nature than hands-on.

Sadly, what little air that’s still left in the room, once Trump coverage has sucked out most of it, ends up being sliced up between a bit of the happenings of the day and the rest on whatever the latest PR stunts Trudeau’s handlers at the Prime Minister’s Office have concocted. Right now Trudeau is on his second town-hall tour meant to distract from the aforementioned screw-ups and scandals by having Trudeau putting on a show by using his gift of gab to change the channel. Although disgruntled attendees inevitably pose unwanted questions regarding these screw-ups and scandals, Trudeau usually can rely on a green crowd (many of these town halls are strategically held on university campuses which ensures the crowd is filled with naive and impressionable youth willing to believe their “cool” PM over some nobody in the audience) to back him up when he deflects and obfuscates the truth when answering. He can also rely on his friends at the CBC et al to only keep the most dramatic moments in their reports, like seasoned politician Trudeau dismantling an outmatched angry heckler, and make that their story. When CBC’s The National took time last week to report on the town halls it was mainly to admire Trudeau’s ability to fend of hecklers and win the crowd over (your guess is as good as mine as to how this helps inform the public). The National now has accompanying articles on the CBC website, and one of the useless articles was entitled “Trudeau turns to Seinfeld tactics to tame town hall hecklers.” The first news segment even took time to reminisce on last year’s town halls (again, who cares?) and had spin doctor/CBC poll analyst Eric Grenier claim it didn’t hurt him in the polls (I’ll be revealing more on Canada’s crappy polling industry and Grenier’s shaky methodology in the near future). The second news segment from last week on the town halls was a real masterpiece in CBC doing propaganda for their paymaster. The whole segment was about how Trudeau deals with hecklers (I’m old enough to remember when these disruptors used to be called activists and protesters when Harper was PM) and “wins the crowd over” (segment starts at 24:50 if you want to see the gross admiration of Trudeau’s PR).

Trudeau charming much of the media into reporting puff pieces, meanwhile letting him get away with murder by letting the public coffers be robbed blind, reminds me of the Broadway show Chicago (which I saw for the first time in NYC last month). In the musical a lawyer named Billy Flynn “razzle dazzles” newspaper reporter Mary Sunshine into writing glowing stories about his client, a murderess and adulterer aspiring to be a vaudevillian star.


Kathleen Wynne and Loblaw’s Subsidy Bobble

Photo Credit: Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

By Josh Lieblein

Woke Ontarians have been going on for weeks about all the ethically responsible and socially conscious things they’re going to do with the $25 gift card that the soulless corporatist monsters at Loblaw Company Ltd. have been giving out to get themselves off the hook for fixing the price of bread over the last fourteen years.

Let’s not exaggerate the situation: being caught with one of these gift cards in your wallet is the equivalent of branding yourself with a scarlet letter “A” for Asshole. Lynne Beyak wearing a MCGA (Make Canada Great Again) hat tweeting that we should just raise the minimum wage to $1M/hour so that EVERYBODY can be rich would be more popular in today’s Ontario than these gift cards.

There seems to be a widespread consensus that going along with Loblaw’s slimy attempts at reputation management schemes is NOT who we are as Canadians. And as is the case with the Tim Hortons’ minimum wage fight or the brouhaha over Beyak, the speed and alacrity with which the left went into formation over Loblaw’s price-fixing suggests to me a co-ordinated campaign by the Liberals and their union allies in achieving that consensus.

The thing about these full-court presses is that even the Liberals can only focus on a few at a time, and they tend to forget that Loblaw recently bought 25 of Tesla’s new all-electric trucks “as part of our commitment to electrify our fleet…” — trucks that Premier Kathleen Wynne offered a rebate of up to $75,000 for.

(I won’t get into the somewhat related issue of former Liberal MPP Glen Murray’s former chief of staff landing a job with Tesla early last year, or how in that same month the former chief of staff joined Tesla then-Environment Minister Murray announced rebates of up to $14,000 for luxury cars, including Tesla models. Woke leftists can only manage a few selective outrages at a time and I don’t want to overwhelm them any further, especially with an issue surely to leave them with cognitive dissonance in feeling happiness over more money being thrown at new green schemes and anger over Loblaw getting a gift of nearly $2 million from the government.)

So, I have to ask: is Loblaw’s attempt to green-wash their image by buying Liberal-subsidized, i.e. discounted trucks courtesy of Ontario taxpayers (some Loblaw’s customers or former customers), trucks less reprehensible than their attempt to buy goodwill with $25 gift cards to fix the PR disaster of them admitting to fixing the price of bread? Or does the fact that the Liberals gave the electric trucks their seal of approval over a supposed green energy initiative excuse Loblaw in this instance?

I think I may have an answer to this conundrum. You see, while Tesla’s electric vehicles aren’t economically viable to exist without some form of government subsidy, Loblaw Companies Ltd. has received no corporate welfare from Industry Canada.

While the left sneers at big business partnering with the state, it seems that they have much more time and energy to go after companies that the government can’t control. So while it’s convenient for the Liberals to have Loblaw opt into their subsidy scheme, the fact is that Loblaw could, until recently,  fix the price of bread behind the government’s back — and that’s a big no-no. Lucky for Loblaw corporate that they admitted their sin and apologized, so they only got their chains yanked on social media, instead of getting pummeled by the full wrath of the Liberals and their union overlords that Tim Hortons is now in the midst of receiving.

The selective outrage at Loblaw and Tim Hortons from those on the left is really the Liberals whining that there are still barriers to them achieving absolute control over businesses in Canada.


Hack Or Flack: Rosemary Barton Edition

By Josh Lieblein

Christmas came early for the Conservatives and NDPers this year as Justin Trudeau became the first sitting Prime Minister to be found in violation of a federal statute, despite the interventions of the “Not A Thing” brigade who tried to downplay, and will continue to downplay this story since it broke last year. (The same usual suspects that couldn’t drone on enough about the so-called “Duffy affair” for two years running and tried desperately to pin it on Harper.)

The Liberals rolled out several damage control strategies, including what was supposed to be a predictable question from Liberal-friendly journalist Rosemary Barton that STILL went disastrously awry.


We at Raving Canuck have had our eye on the Trudeau selfie-taking, Chris Alexander-slaying, Elizabeth May-protecting member of the Social Justice League that currently heads up The National in it’s new God-awful, ratings-suicide format. Some Conservatives were praising Barton for being the person to ask the question about the island trip that Trudeau flubbed, so we have prepared another of our popular Hack Or Flack quizzes to remind them that Rosie the Red is no friend of theirs.

Unlike our last endeavour, where it needed to be shown that Aaron Wherry’s blandishments were indistinguishable from Liberal talking points, in this quiz you get to pick which outrageously Liberal-friendly — or just plain silly — thing Barton actually said or tweeted.

#1: During her recent high-profile interview with retiring Supreme Court of Canada judge Beverly McLachlin, what turn of phrase did she joyfully apply to describe the outcome of the Harper government's clashes with the Court?

#2: Which journalistic oversight did Ms. Barton commit during the recent group of by-elections?

#3: December 7 was not a good day for progressives. Three of the following stories broke on that day, but only when Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister thanked the chair of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for wearing high heels did Barton tweet out "Things that make you go hmmmm". So, which story was Rosie NOT trying to deflect attention from?

#4: Which happening in the House of Commons elicited a "boom!" from Rosie?

#5 : When the Canada 150 skating rink opened on Parliament Hill, Barton did the following:

#6: Rosemary has been very active in commenting on sexual abuse allegations against Roy Moore and Donald Trump. When this non-Republican man was accused of sexual harassment, however, Barton tweeted out: "I really liked [INSERT NAME HERE]. Sigh."

#7: On Nov. 26th, Rosie took time on the National to throw shade at a Canadian singer's fashion choices. Who was the unlucky victim?

#8: What excuse did Rosemary use to excuse the PM's absence from QP on Nov 22?

#9: When Australia complained that Trudeau snubbed them during the TPP talks, Barton retweeted a tweet dismissing this concern as.....what?

#10: Finally, because doing all of the above has given Rosemary quite the sense of self-importance: What potentially inflammatory term did she culturally appropriate to refer to getting her makeup done?

See, there’s a reason PM Justin Trudeau thanked Barton as one of his loyal “lickspittles” at the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner a couple years ago. Whilst some in the audience mistook the PM doing a deadpan joke, it’s more likely he was being dead serious.

And now, for our fun references!:

1. The ignominious quote can be heard at 10:38 here. Curiously, this line didn’t make it into the written summary!

2. Right here. I’d link to the tweet where she retracted or updated it in light of this, but it never happened!

3. Barton’s original tweet is here. On that date, Dec 7, Kent Hehr was found to have been a jerk, Franken’s disgrace was complete, and Trudeau was about to depart the Middle Kingdom empty handed. We would have to wait for Dec 9 for McKenna to tweet out the dying polar bear photo, however.

4.  Right here. Notably, the Trudeau finding of rule-breaking did NOT elicit a “boom!”

5. Retweet of nauseating advertorial for the rink is here, pic is here. National segment where she mentions that you can’t play hockey on the rink, but doesn’t follow it up is right here.

6. Yuck.

7. Got to go right to the end for this one. Slagging another woman’s fashion choices is SUPER FEMINIST, BTW.

8. Because the best SCORCHING HOT TAKES always defend the Prime Minister and the Liberals.

9. It was a “highly effective diplomatic strategy”, according to Barton’s retweet, anyway.

10. Here. And she didn’t even name or credit the lady who did her makeup!


Hack or Flack: Aaron Wherry Edition

By Josh Lieblein

Here at Raving Canuck we specialize in tugging on the capes of Canadian journos who are a little too obvious in their sucking up to the Liberal government as they contend with each other for crumbs tossed to them by Gerry Butts and other such functionaries. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the Parliamentary Press Gallery ends and the Prime Minister’s Office begins!

As we all know, a Canadian Journalist’s main job is to smooth over any rough spots and shush away worries as the Liberal government plunders the public purse to pay for technocratic solutions to problems we didn’t know we had while adopting a laissez-faire attitude to the problems we do have. If the Opposition has a point, it falls to a Canadian Journalist to correct the record and say that, well, actually, no they don’t.

Few journalists do this better, or more subtly, than Aaron Wherry, “senior writer” for the CBC. When he writes an eye-glazing opinion piece trumpeting the Liberals’ new website patting themselves on the back for keeping less than a third of their campaign promises or praising them for breaking up several omnibus bills, it’s less obvious partisanship as it is burying any criticism of the party under a deluge of blandness and buzzwords.

To prove this point, let’s see if you can tell which of the following 14 statements were made by CBC Aaron Wherry (Hack), or by an actual Liberal mouthpiece (Flack).

“Stephen Harper has a long track record of making the wrong calls on Canada-US relations. Now he wants to sell the farm. Nice!”

"Always good to see an opposition MP doing his or her job and putting the health of our democracy before the potential threat of irony."

"The Liberal government has also eliminated a half-dozen tax measures that disproportionately benefited higher income families, including income splitting and the children's fitness tax credit."

“The Economic Update announced yesterday shows that our plan is working. Higher benefit payments 4 families, lower small biz tax are results.”

“Superclusters will energize regional economies and help build a skilled workforce, enhance Canada’s global competitiveness and create thousands of well-paying jobs for this generation and the next.”

"Why shouldn't Prince Charles speak out on climate change?"

"Does anyone, other than Maxime Bernier, want to mock "economic development"?

"Compared to Prince Charles, Julie Payette was pretty gentle on climate change skeptics."

"For the United States, it is for the country's better angels to somehow see it through. For Canada, the task is perhaps to learn from our neighbour's troubles."

"Though income inequality is not as extreme in Canada as in some countries, it is a concern here too. There are too many communities in our prosperous nation where people do not feel prosperous – where they instead feel left behind by an economy that is increasingly divided between the wealthy one per cent at the very top, and everyone else."

"The minister of finance worked extensively with the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner when he came into this job and followed all her recommendations as we expect everyone to."

"Morneau saying that a Conservative MP came up to him and said he "shouldn't take this personal, it's just a game" is cold blooded."

"The time has come to look beyond the boundaries of 'what politics can do for me.'" Great piece by @Bill_Morneau

"The concerted Conservative campaign to devote great gobs of QP day after day to Morneau is an interesting gambit."

Give up? Well, if you did, then that’s kind of the point.

Maybe #4 and #1 were the easiest tells for Liberal FLACKs. Those are Liberal MP Wayne Easter and former Trudeau advisor Roland Paris, respectively. #10 probably surprised you- that’s a speech given by Liberal Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland. #5, which looks like the sort of dry explanation you would find in a CBC piece, is actually from a press release from ISED Canada, and #6 is from the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary himself, Gerald Butts.

#9, which directly criticizes the USA’s democracy, and #3, which puts a positive shine on the Liberals tax measures, as well as #7, a direct shot at Maxime Bernier, are from CBC HACK Wherry. Here’s #2 and #8 were also penned or tweeted by him.

The last four are, of course, people shilling for Bill Morneau. #10 is from that ridiculous press conference where Trudeau actually spoke for Morneau and told a journalist that they would have a chance to speak to the PM. #12 might look like Wherry at first glance, but it’s actually Catherine McKenna from back in 2015, before the election (which shows you how little the Trudeau Liberals deviate from their talking points). #11 and #14 are Wherry’s. I would like to blame “great gobs of QP” to someone like Gerald Butts, but I can’t.

Again, it doesn’t matter whether Wherry is actively being influenced by the Liberals or whether he just spends so much time in the Ottawa bubble that he doesn’t realize how much it’s affected his reporting.

And let’s be clear: Aaron Wherry is not part of the CBC’s Op-Ed section, like Neil MacDonald or Robyn Urback. Ostensibly, this playing defence for the Liberals falls under the purview of “journalism.” Which would be fine- if our public broadcaster actually reported in a manner than actually represented the public at large.


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Canada’s Speech Shine Gets A Little Duller

By Josh Lieblein

Canadians who like to look down their noses at the Yank barbarians and their primitive and uncivilized notion of “free speech” are having a bit of an awkward week.

Convinced as they are that control by a select few is preferable to the messy democracy to the south, where–in their minds–the failure to control speech and shield the public from intemperate outbursts paved the way for the rise of Trump, they were nevertheless sent scrambling to defend the Canadian model after the discourse in three seemingly separate arenas weakened their position.

First we have the holding forth of multiple survivors of sexual harassment and assault. All over America, once powerful men are being brought down and censured for violence against women. Like dominoes, one after another they fall as the country struggles to reconcile itself to the epidemic of abuse against women.

Canadian women are, unfortunately, subject to the same daily harassment and violence. No one could convincingly argue otherwise without making it sound as though Canadians have evolved past the tendency to abuse.

And while defenders of the Liberal aristocracy and Trudeau’s post-nationalist vision of a Canada that has decisively defeated the social ills plaguing the rest of the world no doubt believe that they ARE in fact more highly evolved life forms, they say nothing for fear of looking arrogant and provoking those within our borders whom they see as less enlightened.

Which is, of course, the problem. The fear of consequence, and of Embarrassing Canada On The World Stage perpetuates the cycle of violence and harm against women. But of course our cultural overlords have made their choice, and have done so for the rest of us. Better to suffer in silence than admit the Americans, with their culture that permits discussion of difficult subjects, might have a point.

Then we have the situation at Wilfrid Laurier University involving a TA who was censured behind closed doors for exposing her students to the ramblings of Jordan Peterson.

Leave aside for a moment whether Peterson’s arguments have merit or should have been shown, and focus on the university’s fearful and shadowy response–to discipline the TA privately in the hope they could hush up the controversy which, despite their efforts, exploded into the public realm.

Once again, concern for reputation and the Canadian impulse to treat a potentially explosive situation with kid gloves rather than–the horror–provide teachers with guidelines, or discuss the issue with the class beforehand and come to a collective understanding beforehand–won out.

Unlike the foolish Americans, who impudently refuse to be governed by elites, the Laurier professors who administered this impromptu hearing believed themselves suitably qualified to take the decision out of the hands of those below them. If the profs botched it massively and came off as bullies, well, that’s just the exception that proves the rule of Canadian social supremacy.

Finally, we have the latest revelations involving the inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. As reported by the CBC, the inquiry has “become about self-image and protecting the commissioners”. The top priority of all staff is to “protect the commissioners from criticism or surprises.”

Ah, but I must be careful with my words. This is not an undignified American reckoning over slavery and racism, over which they fought a Civil War, and against which marchers marched a century later, and which continues to crop up in protests by NFL players against the anthem. This is a PROPER Canadian Inquiry, a model of restraint and dignity. The individuals conducting the process are thus beyond reproach, and to ask questions about whether the thing is progressing at all and might fall off the rails entirely is opening the door to Trumpism, and Leitchism, Fordism and lurking Harperism.

And so let us not bring up for discussion the notion that these three news items reveal that we Canadians may not be the master progressive race that we imagine ourselves to be. That isn’t the Canadian way.

The Lowdown on Kathleen Wynne’s Campaign Manager David Herle

By Josh Lieblein

David Smith. Don Guy. Jean Lapierre. Gerald Butts. Laura Miller. Katie Telford.

David Herle wishes he was part of this elite group of Liberal magicians. And while it must be validating for him that Kathleen Wynne trusts him enough to manage her re-election bid–enough to reward him with 900K in lucrative contracts–there are those within the Liberal fold who have reason to doubt that ol’ Diamond Dave can get the job done.

I suppose you necessarily must grow up with a desire to prove yourself when you belong to one of the few Liberal families in the great province of Saskatchewan. Apparently Dave’s dear sister Allyce bravely faced off against current CPC leader Andrew Scheer in his first electoral outing and placed third. Dave, meanwhile, distinguished himself as a driver for then-Saskatchewan Liberal Party leader Ralph Goodale, the only MP who has hung around long enough to represent both Trudeau governments.

When you grow up with King Ralph as your political high-water mark, it tends to create a bit of insecurity when you’re in the same room with infamous Trudeau advisor Keith Davey. That’s probably why Herle admitted in a moment of weakness that he wanted his name to surpass that of the infamous Rainmaker.

Unfortunately for our hero Dave, the upper echelons of the Liberal Party looked askance at him for his rough Prairie roots. As member of the John Turner faction of the party in the 80’s, the harassed and beleaguered Herle was repeatedly undermined by Trudeau Sr.’s Laurentian elites to the point where Dave reportedly lashed out and called Davey “a son of a b*tch“.

The embattled Mr. Herle did what all Liberals spurned by the Trudeau inner circle did: join Paul Martin’s camp. From there things turned out like you’d expect–a plum position at Earnscliffe, the lobbying firm fingered in the sponsorship scandal, a decades long brawl with Chrétien loyalist Warren Kinsella, and recurrent guest spots on political panels thanks to his friendship with Peter Mansbridge.

Through it all, Herle would continue to go overboard in carrying water for his old pal Ralph Goodale, ensuring that the sole Liberal seat in Saskatchewan would be held by Ralph and nobody else. At one point, he would be found spinning one of Goodale’s nomination rival’s thank-you outings for beer and pizza for campaign volunteers into a PSA against underage drinking.

But it all came crashing down when the responsibility for the 2004 and 2006 elections were placed on Herle’s shoulders. As the Liberal numbers plummeted in 2004, Herle went public with the dispiriting assertion that his campaign was “in a spiral“, which is exactly the sort of thing a group of candidates want to hear from their skipper.

Banished to Middle Earth after the Liberals were finally driven from power, he set up his own firm, the Gandalf Group, putting out economic prospecti, cataloguing his own positive press clippings, and carrying out interesting public opinion research. By 2012, he was still carrying a torch for Paul Martin, arguing that Mr. Dithers had built the party in the West in a way that Chretien never had, and that the Liberals would have been a truly national party if it hadn’t been for that inconvenient Sponsorship Scandal ruining things. As Trudeau soaked up all the glitz and glamour, Herle was relegated to clearing the way at the provincial level, orchestrating victories for Brian Gallant in New Brunswick and Kathleen Wynne in Ontario.

For all this, though, the Liberal A-team doesn’t seem interested in letting him make the calls. Trudeau rejected his pitch to use attack ads in 2015, and when things looked grim for Justin in the pre-election run-up and rumours were circulating that Gerald Butts might end up benched, Herle was–purely coincidentally, no doubt–being tapped as a potential replacement.

Fitting, then, that the politically desperate and seminally unpopular Kathleen Wynne would turn, once again, to the only Liberal as apt to attack when cornered as she is to manage what could well be the campaign she and the Ontario Liberal Party go out in a blaze of vainglory.

CBC’s The National Reminisces about Justin Trudeau’s Victory while reporting on Bronfman Tax Haven (Nov. 5, 2017)

(What Was Wrong With CBC’s The National Mission Statement.)

Time allotment for The National stories on Sunday:



Last night’s The National was the last show in the old format, and you can’t say they didn’t go out with a bang in having a blockbuster news day.

The lead story was the horrific massacre in Texas. The story was well done and very informative for how little time they had to prepare the story. (Have to give credit where credit is due.) I don’t really want to discuss this horrible tragedy anymore than that for now.

The National then moved on to the main event, the Paradise Papers that they–in tandem with journalists from around the world–had been working on for months. The CBC spent 29 minutes on the Bronfmans and Koblers apparent offshore trust and their connection to the Liberal Party of Canada and PM Justin Trudeau. Here’s The Toronto Star piece in case you missed it. (The Star report, although very thorough, conveniently left out the bombshell factoid that the Bronfman family apparently pressured the CRA into letting them move $2 billion of their family fortune out of Canada tax-free. Kudos to The National for bringing it up.) I’d say most of this reporting was fair, however, The National broke up the reporting on the Canadian angle to the Paradise Papers into two parts, with the first part as a four-minute news report and analysis, then reports on Trump’s top advisor’ and the Queen’s connections to the tax haven followed before the latter 25-minute feature story on the Bronfmans and Koblers (worth watching) was aired.

The National‘s initial report was adequate. They even gave opposition MPs, including Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, time to speak about the revelation. The only problem I had was how the CBC didn’t go deeper into Trudeau’s relationship with Bronfman. It seems the CBC is pinning all of this on the Bronfmans and their associates instead of focusing on how Trudeau and his father play a role in this. What’s more interesting is how the reporting on Trudeau was juxtaposed with the reporting on Trump and his connection to his top adviser. In that three-minute report the CBC went for the jugular in tying Trump to billionaire Wilbur Ross. In the 25-minute in-depth feature about the Bronfmans and their tax avoidance Trudeau is only presented at the start of the report where they show about a minute of him on the campaign trail gladhanding with supporters and telling adoring Liberal crowds sweet nothings. Very little is mentioned after that about Trudeau’s personal relationship and friendship to Stephen Bronfman. The way CBC presented the story–through images anyway–made it appear as if a smiling and loved-by-everyone Trudeau just met this Bronfman bloke on the campaign trails. Here’s a bunch of the cheery images of Trudeau in the extended segment talking about the supposed heyday of Trudeau mania 2.0 (even though he won only 0.1 per cent more than Harper did in the popular vote). CBC was sure feeling nostalgia for sunnier days.


















Now compare that to the images of Trump in the report about his business associates ties to the Paradise Papers.




When the two stories are juxtaposed its as if Trudeau has just been unwittingly brought down by an acquaintance while the ominous U.S. report suggest Trump is linked to billionaire Wilbur Ross’ company’s ties to Russia, too. It’s also interesting that the CBC did not do a similar web of faces of the two generations of Bronfmans, Kolbers, and Trudeaus all closely tied. Below I provided a transcript of the Trump report and then the introduction to the feature on the Bronfmans, the part that talks about Trudeau, so you can see the contrast for yourself.

Heather Hiscox: The more than thirteen-million records in this leak also reveal secrets in Washington, including a top member of Donald Trump’s cabinet. Wilbur Ross is Commerce Secretary. But his deep ties to Trump, and as these documents suggest, his financial ties to Russia are what’s causing a stir tonight. The New York Times and the BBC looked into this part of the story as part of global collaboration. Keith Boag has the details.

Trump: Wilbur mentioned a couple of words: reciprocal trade.

Boag: One thing that separates Wilbur Ross from the other billionaires that Donald Trump has at his cabinet table is that how far back in the President’s history he goes, and how important he was in making Trump what he is today.

David J. Johnston: If it hadn’t been for Wilbur Ross Trump would not be in the White House.

Boag: David J. Johnston has chronicled the ups and downs of Trump’s business career for three decades. Including his failure in Atlantic New Jersey, with the money losing Taj Mahal that almost sank Trump. Ross, Trained as a bankruptcy adviser, engineered a deal for Trump that kept him afloat by establishing that the Trump name had its own value as a brand.

David J. Johnston: Wilbur Ross was a key negotiator in Donald Trump not having to go through bankruptcy and not getting swept into the dustbin of history.

Boag: This year Ross became the United States Secretary of Commerce. He divested most of his business assets, but kept a stake in a shipping company called Navigator, where he was once chairman. One of Navigator’s biggest customers is Russia’s gas and petro-chemical company Sibur. mong Sibur’s owners, President Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law, and…

(Now introduction of the feature on the Bronfmans.)

Gillian Findlay: Well he is probably the Bronfman that no-one has ever heard of, Heather. He’s always kept a very low-profile as a businessman, a philanthropist, an environmentalist. But in 2013 he became a powerful player in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

Trudeau: Pleasure to meet you.

Person in the crowd: Hi, Justin.

Trudeau: Hi!

Gillian Findlay: It was a summer caucus retreat in P.E.I. And for the first time in a long time Liberals were upbeat [cheery music in the background]. A new charismatic leader [cheers], A new hope for power.

Trudeau: Across the country people have told me that we need better. And for the first time in a long time, people are open and hopeful about the Liberal party of Canada.

Findlay: Among the assembled was a man not much use to the campaigning part of politics, but a man the party would now rely on to raise the money it takes to succeed. Trudeau and Bronfman chuckle] Stephen Bronfman had been named to the party’s national board.

Apparently the CBC was incessantly reporting on the redesign of The National all of Monday as if it a breaking story instead of all the incredible news still developing from yesterday. Even Sunday’s broadcast wasted 30 seconds hyping it. Tomorrow I’ll have fun deconstructing the stupid concepts of having four hosts and less stories. I’ll also have the letter to the ombudsman on how the CBC has still refused to report on the explosive, and very likely real, allegations that Hillary Clinton rigged the DNC nomination.




If you’re fed up with CBC’s bias please make sure to click on the link below and give Sunday’s program a thumbs down.

The National for Sunday, November 5, 2017