CBC: Trudeau’s State Broadcaster

So the CBC has officially become the state broadcaster for the Liberal Party of Canada. The CBC’s latest Canada 150 series “Canada: The Story of Us” has a gross minute-long introduction by our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doing his pedantic and patronizing part-time drama teacher shtick in reading empty platitudes from a teleprompter. Here, watch for yourself.


The CBC also has Trudeau as the spokesperson for the promotional radio ads for the series. So why would the CBC think this appropriate for a so-called public broadcaster to do? Well, if you pay any attention to the CBC they have the same progressive, socialist ideology as Trudeau. It also helps that the Liberals delivered on their promise to give the CBC an additional $150 million annually to its $1.1 billion federal boondoggle. This played well for the Liberals last election, as I pointed out in a a widely-read piece entitled “CBC’s Insolent Election Bias.” The inherent bias at the CBC only worsened once the compromised broadcaster had successfully delivered Trudeau and the LPC the election win with its puff pieces and gross propaganda (CBC, with its huge head start in funding, is by far the largest platform in Canada, thus having a huge influence over the general population).

The day Trudeau was sworn in Peter Mansbridge bragged CBC had exclusive access to the new PM the whole day, failing to mention his close family connection to Trudeau’s Director of Communications. CANADALAND’s reporting on that revelation had Mansbridge’s buddy (father of Trudeau’s political operative) and long-time LPC operative Bruce Anderson leaving Mansbridge’s The National‘s all left-wing political panel. The painfully long anti-journalism segment primarily consisted of a sycophantic Mansbridge fawning over the CBC’s chosen one, which Christie Blatchford soundly eviscerated the professional announcer for.

The CBC then doubled-down, giving Trudeau an hour-long special “Face to Face with the Prime Minister” in which the CBC created a reality TV-like production with dramatic music and all. The broadcaster sold it as the PM giving unprecedented access in allowing 10 everyday Canadians interviews with PM. Yet Trudeau had only been in office a couple months, no time for any leader to have done anything substantial, so he had no record to defend, and as I pointed out in “10 Hitches With CBC’s 10 Canadian ‘Face to Face’ with PM” the show was hardly about keeping the new PM honest. Mansbridge, in a blog post, bizarrely touted the production by saying the CBC was tough on Stephen Harper, not allowing him to sit by a fire in his last holiday interview. Meanwhile for Trudeau, Mansbridge and the CBC thought it was appropriate to give him an hour long show with a dramatic scenes of each show contestant entering his office, capturing their star-struck reactions, as if they were the lucky 10 given golden tickets to meet Willy Wonka. Even political operatives from Hillary Clinton’s campaign were trying to re-enact the PR exercise.

Liberal supporters/CBC apologists love to counter that the CBC board of directors is full of Conservative Party of Canada types. But a critical analysis of the daily content clearly shows they are at arm’s-length from CBC’s content. The same cannot be said of the LPC and the Prime Minister’s office. It’s nice to see the CBC being so blatantly partisan again, since usually day after day the CBC brainwashes everyday Canadians with insidious content that is subtly crafted and framed to benefit the LPC and left-wing causes. I hope the CBC continues to openly embrace its new role as Canada’s Pravda-esque state broadcaster so more Canadians will get wise to how our supposed public broadcaster is for sale to the political party with the highest bid. He who pays the piper calls the tune.




One thought on “CBC: Trudeau’s State Broadcaster

  1. Stop apologizing to everyone about everything – Obama clone !!
    Dark periods my ass – We are going into the Dark Ages now with you at the head of the Liberal party and leader of 38% of the populace and diminishing every day .
    Unfortunately through no doing on your own , you fell into the job you know nothing about , and in your blind sense of conceit and entitlement , you likely think you are going to be called a brave Canadian leader and there is no bigger lie in the history of this once great land. The sooner we see you out in the street the better off we will be .

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