The No Wynne Scenario Podcast (Ep. 1)

The No Wynne Scenario Podcast is a new show hosted by Graeme Gordon and Josh Lieblein. As we explain in the inaugural episode, our podcast is going to focus primarily on reviewing the Ontario Liberal Party’s reign over Queen’s Park in the last decade-and-a-half, but we’ll also hold no punches when discussing the Ontario NDP and Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. That being said, we’ve decided to focus our attention mostly on Wynne and the OLP because they’re the ones needing to be held to account for their long time in power.

In this first episode we look at the ongoing trial and upcoming trial (yes, there are two trials about to be going on simultaneously) of four former OLP political operatives. Josh also explains the double standard applied to Conservatives.

For more context on the conversations between former OLP Sudbury candidate Andrew Olivier and the two former Ontario Liberal Party’s political operatives now on trial for bribery, check out the links below for the entirety of those two conversations.


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