The No Wynne Scenario Podcast (Ep. 5): Moving Truck, the Ontario Health Care Labyrinth, and Video Game Trolling

On this episode Graeme and Josh try to navigate and make sense of the Ontario health care system maze. Josh tells us about the unveiling of Ontario Proud’s anti-Wynne moving truck in Richmond Hill. Josh also takes Graeme to task for taking the now-cancelled and racist “Dirty Chinese Restaurant” video game, created by Markham trolls, too lightly and for not joining in the moral panic.

Speaking of video games, here’s Josh singing the praise of another Canadian video game creating a lot of buzz in the gaming world for good reasons. Yet, for some odd reason Canadian politicians haven’t clued in or cared to promote it.

Also, Josh and Graeme’s latest columns can be found at Loonie Politics:

The Liberal Party of Canada: From “Real Change” to Status Quo (Again)

Trudeau Talks the Biggest Game When it Comes to Feminism, but are his Actions Measuring Up?



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