Hack Or Flack: Rosemary Barton Edition

By Josh Lieblein

Christmas came early for the Conservatives and NDPers this year as Justin Trudeau became the first sitting Prime Minister to be found in violation of a federal statute, despite the interventions of the “Not A Thing” brigade who tried to downplay, and will continue to downplay this story since it broke last year. (The same usual suspects that couldn’t drone on enough about the so-called “Duffy affair” for two years running and tried desperately to pin it on Harper.)

The Liberals rolled out several damage control strategies, including what was supposed to be a predictable question from Liberal-friendly journalist Rosemary Barton that STILL went disastrously awry.



We at Raving Canuck have had our eye on the Trudeau selfie-taking, Chris Alexander-slaying, Elizabeth May-protecting member of the Social Justice League that currently heads up The National in it’s new God-awful, ratings-suicide format. Some Conservatives were praising Barton for being the person to ask the question about the island trip that Trudeau flubbed, so we have prepared another of our popular Hack Or Flack quizzes to remind them that Rosie the Red is no friend of theirs.



Unlike our last endeavour, where it needed to be shown that Aaron Wherry’s blandishments were indistinguishable from Liberal talking points, in this quiz you get to pick which outrageously Liberal-friendly — or just plain silly — thing Barton actually said or tweeted.

[wp_quiz id=”8402″]

See, there’s a reason PM Justin Trudeau thanked Barton as one of his loyal “lickspittles” at the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner a couple years ago. Whilst some in the audience mistook the PM doing a deadpan joke, it’s more likely he was being dead serious.

And now, for our fun references!:

1. The ignominious quote can be heard at 10:38 here. Curiously, this line didn’t make it into the written summary!

2. Right here. I’d link to the tweet where she retracted or updated it in light of this, but it never happened!

3. Barton’s original tweet is here. On that date, Dec 7, Kent Hehr was found to have been a jerk, Franken’s disgrace was complete, and Trudeau was about to depart the Middle Kingdom empty handed. We would have to wait for Dec 9 for McKenna to tweet out the dying polar bear photo, however.

4.  Right here. Notably, the Trudeau finding of rule-breaking did NOT elicit a “boom!”

5. Retweet of nauseating advertorial for the rink is here, pic is here. National segment where she mentions that you can’t play hockey on the rink, but doesn’t follow it up is right here.

6. Yuck.

7. Got to go right to the end for this one. Slagging another woman’s fashion choices is SUPER FEMINIST, BTW.

8. Because the best SCORCHING HOT TAKES always defend the Prime Minister and the Liberals.

9. It was a “highly effective diplomatic strategy”, according to Barton’s retweet, anyway.

10. Here. And she didn’t even name or credit the lady who did her makeup!



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