What Would Happen If We Reported On Justin Trudeau The Way We Report On Jordan Peterson?




Controversial Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become a “lightning rod” for controversy.

According to his accusers, he is a “spineless, virtue-signalling excuse for a feminist,” “what would happen if the song “Imagine” took human form and then ate a Tide Pod,” and a “UN-Soros-funded Agenda 21 NWO GlobalistWarmist Jihadi Selfie Beta Male Soy Boy Traitor Cuck Embarrassment.”

There have been many questionable and offensive things he’s done, such as elbowing a female MP in the boob, using his new-found fame to hobnob with celebrities, and displaying and culturally appropriating a Haida tattoo on his shoulder as some sort of weird and unsolicited way of claiming Indigenous credibility.

But what originally made him a legend was his tactical defiance against Conservative principles by beating then-Senator and Indigenous man Patrick Brazaeu to a bloody mess. This energized his far-left base that has always fantasized about beating up conservatives.

Now he’s planned to launch an extremely expensive and controversial  website pledging to “engage Canadians in a process of self-exploration and a reflection of who we are at this particular juncture in our history.”

So what motivates this Prime Minister to say some of the things he does?

Here are some of his takes:

Trudeau seems like a very dumb guy. He presents as empty-headed, naive, clueless and smiling, without a care in the world. When he opens up his mind and lets you watch it wander, it goes to some very frightening places.

And really, if he wasn’t a rich, white, educated liberal with fantastic advantages most Canadians can only dream of, would anyone REALLY be listening to him?

But many of his beliefs are very unexceptional, such as professed feminism, the need to keep his sock game on point, and constant and random references to Wilfrid Laurier.

He’s become a sort of a self-help guru for disaffected progressives who need a new mascot after Obama turned out to be yet another neo-liberal disappointment.

His supporters post videos online of him DESTROYING rowdy protesters at town halls, such as when he dictated to police to remove hecklers when they didn’t “respect anyone in the room.”

Perhaps the reason for Justin Trudeau’s appeal is that millenials have been brought up with no direction and no practical way to live. So when he states that “we have to rethink elements as basic as space and time,” it validates their aimlessness and reinforces their delusion that they, too, can ascend to the highest office in the land by being a 40-year old ex-camp counselor and bouncer with no life accomplishments.

Trudeau’s immense popularity on the far left lies precisely in his intellectual validation of Communist dictatorships like Fidel Castro’s, who he praised as a “remarkable leader,”and China’s “basic dictatorship.”

It may be that Justin Trudeau just isn’t ready for prime time. He believes it will end well. And on this point, I completely disagree.


3 thoughts on “What Would Happen If We Reported On Justin Trudeau The Way We Report On Jordan Peterson?

  1. The essay has a nice premise but you didn’t take it there. I really would like to know what would happen if the media treated Trudeau like Peterson.


  2. He believes in liberal principles like forcing people to believe 100% of what he does about abortion otherwise “don’t even bother” applying for government grants. He brings people together by forcing use of new pronouns invented by the most deranged group to ever to get special human rights protections for fashion choices. Feminists disagree with C-16 because they’d like biological women to counsel female rape survivors. Well, let those damned second wavers fight for another decade in the supreme court and be sued into oblivion. No biggie. They’re not true progressives if they don’t buy into intersectionality. Which is not a cult with immense power.

    Not to mention our dear snowboarding pal’s progressive stance on Islam. What could possibly go wrong by saying Canada’s borders are open, that there is no such thing as Canadian values, and that ISIS fighters have a human right to keep their Canadian citizenship? Justin’s completely unbiased muslim brotherhood advisors have cooked up all kinds of great ways to keep muslims safe. Importing terrorists and saying there is no muslim brotherhood in Canada being two. Terrorists and Islamists have nothing at all to do with Islam so why not prioritize them to come on in to prove to the world that we’re not racist?

    There’s nothing bad about Sharia law and no muslim would have any intention of limiting Canadian’s ability to criticize Islam like God’s law requires. The cultural and not at all Islamic practice of FGM is not real islam. It’s in the hadiths but that’s just a coincidence that you can’t truly understand unless you know ancient arabic.

    Canada’s immigration minister who just happens to be muslim tried to remove references in the new citizen’s guide about FGM being bad. The guys who think they have a right to cut off women’s clitorises weren’t consulted he said. That was probably racist of the former government. It’s more evidence of discrimination against muslims. But #NotAll are into FGM of course. Canada definitely needs a special motion M-103 to explore why systemic spoken “violence” against unpopular Islamic teachings should be silenced by force. Otherwise muslims will have literally no choice to react who knows how.

    That is not a limitation of free speech because criticism of Islam is hate speech. The holy law of God says it so it must be true. And intersectionality says so too. But ex muslims lose their oppression points—even if they are threatened with death or worse. Because silencing reasoned critique for just one special group will definitely stop people from being afraid of it. And it’s historically unprecedented for radicals to abuse laws like this to target their own internal healthy critics. The real villain we need to talk about is Jordan Peterson. He frowned one time and says things that make people angry. So that’s bad. We all know what that tells us about his secret yet totally obvious inner desire to genocide jews and communists.

    We have MPs and advisors who are linked with terrorist organizations. Or at least charities who have funded them consistently. But we can’t play guilty by association. Peterson though has a lot of alt right fans so he’s definitely a nazi. When he says “clean your room” you know what that’s whistle blowing for. If you like anything he says you’re totally guilty of being a nazi. But those emboldened by the ideals and teachings of islamic supremacy groups you can trust.


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