No Solutions In The Wake Of Horrifying Violence In Canada, Just Media Types Shamelessly Acting Self-Interested

By Josh Lieblein

Just another A+ week for Canadian media as people were slaughtered indiscriminately at Yonge and Finch and the usual suspects rushed to declare victory for their respective teams.


Faith achieves her goal of making trouble for the CBC AND makes this about race….


While Nora is jadedly cool……..


…..and Rosemary plays defence for the CBC……


……while Andray Domise writes off skeptics of the contentious Facebook post……


….and Gerald Butts takes his turn manning the virtue signal.

The air was full of people complaining that if we don’t use this tragedy to serve some agenda, then some super-secret hidden plot will continue to play out in the shadows. For them, every bit of information must fit the narrative. Every single outpouring of emotion or collective sentiment must be redirected towards the service of a political goal, or against a political enemy.

Even though people had just died, the goal here is, apparently, to win points for your team, not put forward some suggestion or solution that would keep this from happening again.

Then there are those who choose to ignore all of the above, and assert that “Canadians don’t do rage“. You have politicians like John Tory who repeat nullities about how we’re seen as a diverse and tolerant place. Then you have the media and the establishment delineating acceptable expressions of emotion and grief. Instead of following the negative example set by the ideologues, you should be tweeting under #TorontoTheGood, posting condolences on Facebook, speaking about random acts of kindness, and sharing the appropriate editorial cartoons.

And above all, just like Prime Minister Gerald Butts says, you should be patting yourself on the back because you are a Canadian, and therefore just so much better than anyone else no matter how much the Incels try to wreck that.

Here’s what Butts and his Liberal underlings don’t want you to realize: that their attempts to put on a happy face are just as political and just as ideological as any of the overheated takes on this tragedy you’ve heard. Their aim is to keep the status quo, not to actually make people any safer.

It’s important to note that, in lieu of any substantive action, their response to the mosque shooting of last year was to propose a motion. And while that motion utterly scrambled the brains of the Conservative opposition, it did little to prevent the same sort of false reports of a Middle Eastern terrorist that were common to both that massacre and this more recent one. But of course, since we’re so much better than the rest of the world, political capital needs to be invested in making the other guys look foolish rather than fixing problems.

I do understand that the ideologues are mostly interested in hearing the sounds of their own voices as well, instead of proposing solutions. But the reason their voices are attracting attention is because the platitudinous centrists will not allow any self-criticism. They are so deeply entrenched in the institutions that failed and allowed this massacre to happen that the possibility of any sort of reform, right or wrong, terrifies them.

I often wonder if people living in places torn by ideological strife understand that they can’t have it both ways. You can have unity and sterility, like we have here in Canada, or you can have messiness and progress.












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