September’s CBC Bias Bonanza

By Josh Lieblein

Hey, you know what regular, everyday Canadians love to complain about? The CBC and how biased it is. Really! Your clicks don’t lie.

Not that griping about it will change anything down at the CBC, but we’re not going to quibble about that, are we? No sir, the votes are in and you fine folks want that CBC Bias Talk.  Well, it’s your lucky day because from this moment forward your old pal, Josh here, is going to be assuming responsibility for breaking down the Completely Biased Coverage down at the Mother Corp.

But here at RC we do things just a little differently, because if I had to do an individualized meltdown for every bit of CBC botched journalism I’d have no time for anything productive. Therefore, we’re going to be running down the CBC’s greatest misses of recent memory on an irregular schedule to satisfy your need for hate-reads and to keep a running tally.  More bias than you can handle, coming at you, starting now!

Venezuela Violation

You guys, Adrienne Arsenault went journalisting over in Venezuela this month and didn’t know why it’s become a hellscape. What could possibly have gone wrong? One minute it was this socialist utopia and all of a sudden it wasn’t.  Can’t figure it out. Hmmmm.

She did manage to work that cryptocurrency angle while talking about how the government is printing worthless money. That and a heartwarming report about how Canadians are sending care packages to those poor Venezuelans. Maybe the Venezuelans will send us some care packages once the Liberals and their socialism reduces us to eating donkeys too? Wait, we don’t have that many donkeys here in Canada, do we? But we do have alpacas! Yes, we’ll be slaughtering alpacas and living inside their corpses to stay warm through the winter just like Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, and then Adrienne will come by with her camera crew and do a super quirky CBC National report about how we Canadians are taking our love of Star Wars to the next level.

Barton Barters In Conspiracy

Lord help me, do I actually have to defend Max Bernier here? I guess when it comes down to the CBC advancing a narrative that Bernier deliberately sent out an “extreme multiculturalism” tweet on the anniversary of Charlottesville, and Bernier’s protestation that he had no idea what was going on, I have to side with Bernier, because when Max says he’s completely clueless about something I have to give him points for honesty.

Look here, you overheated lefties: Max Bernier is, and will remain, a colossal goof. You know it and I know it and everyone who voted for him in the CPC leadership knows it; they just were sick and tired of the CPC “standing for nothing.” So stop pretending that he’s a populist master manipulator. Or advance that narrative, but don’t laugh at him out of the other side of your mouth. Pick a side. Either Max and the other low-quality hucksters have their finger on the pulse of the nation or they don’t. Which is it?

Mesley’s Mess-Up

Again with Max Bernier coming out of something looking, well, better than he should. Dammit CBC, if you can’t even be counted on to make Conservatives look bad I don’t know what a billion dollars is good for these days.

The painfully obvious, pre-rehearsed talking point here is that Maxamillions is a puppet of American libertarian hate-sinks of the Koch Brothers and is being funded by Dark American Money to speak in broken English about how the CBC is “always doing the promotion of the diversity.” Mesley looked like she’d never considered the idea before blurting it out on one of our nation’s most-watched programs. She looked lost, more lost than Bernier speaking English. She couldn’t define libertarianism, and commented on the fashion choices of Bernier’s ex, which was pretty weird, some might say sexist, but apparently that is now par for the course at CBC.

Listen, I’m no billionaire, but if I was, and I had that much money to blow I would still spend my money on a better investment than Max. Once again, this is the CBC advancing a very old and very tired narrative about how the eeeeeevil right wing Americans are perverting our sainted elections while ignoring the fact that David Hogg is outright misinforming Canadians about voting in the US midterms… and doing it incompetently. Hey Wendy, instead of picking on Max and where his little amount of money is coming from, how about you do a report on how the Liberals are effectively a branch office of the Democrats through Canada2020? I’ll wait.

The Kids Aren’t Alright

Using kids as props is creepy, OK CBC? It’s not cool when Trudeau does it, it’s not cool when you do it. Talking on social media about how your woke 4 year old is in tears because of Brett Kavanaugh is bordering on child abuse. But look out: Here comes the CBC with CBC Kids News with child newscasters telling us all about how kids are bravely skipping school to #Resist Doug Ford.

Now, we all knew CBC was pushing one worldview on kids with the backing of the public purse before, so I’m glad they are wearing it on their sleeve now. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going far enough. Why has Polkaroo remained silent on the issue of climate change, for example? Where is Mr. Dressup’s clarion call to open our borders? (No, I don’t care that Mr. Dressup is dead! Think of the children for once!)

No Payette Payoff?

The National Post cut deep into the mystique surrounding Governor General Julie Payette’s first year as GG last weekend with an article questioning whether she’s up to the job. Apparently Ottawa had been buzzing about this for quite some time, so where was our national broadcaster? Nowhere to be found. We know the CBC loathes to credit its so-called competitors and goes out of its way to not, but to completely ignore this big story, instead reporting a lovely little story about how a band played some Great Big Sea during her visit to Newfoundland, well, that was just vintage, quaint, adorable little CBC at its best.







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