October’s CBC Bias Bonanza!

By Josh Lieblein

Hark! The CBC! Drat them! Double drat them! They are receiving ridiculous amounts of taxpayer dollars to provide insanely biased coverage.



Don’t you love those times when the CBC forgets what the first “C” in their name stands for? Our national broadcaster was looking a lot more like CNN North when it came to covering the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Obviously it was a major story, but can anyone explain how Rosemary Barton interviewing Michael Avenatti is in line with the CBC’s mandate? How about Wendy Mesley distinguishing herself in a panel discussion featuring Alan Dershowitz and Lisa Bloom, which featured the headline, “Old Guard Against #MeToo“?

Of course, later in the month the CBC would claim that “competing priorities” would prevent the broadcasting of actual Canadian municipal elections.

And when one of Kavanaugh’s accusers admitted making a phony rape allegation, CBC suddenly thought the story was old news, not even putting a single report up on its website.

Three Cheers For Freeland

The other big bit of international news was the signing of the new free trade deal between the USA, Canada and Mexico. If you listened to the CPC, it was a deal where the Liberals gave away much more than they got. If you listened to the CBC’s Katie Simpson, however, you would hear exactly how Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s “arms shot straight into the air and she shouted ‘Yay!'” when she heard that the Americans went “sure, whatevs” when Trudeau insisted that Canadians couldn’t have Americans buying up Canadian media. Ms. Simpson was careful to act this scene out exactly as it happened, narrating as if it was the Leafs scoring a Stanley Cup winning goal.

Yeahhhhh. The CBC does get accused of cheerleading for the Liberals on occasion, but this bit of pantomime sounds as though Trudeau’s director of communications Kate Purchase was rehearsing with Simpson seconds before they went on the air.

Another Scheer Smear

Boy, I’m sure glad Andrew Scheer rejected a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations that his MPs were using “graphic details” in prosecuting the Liberals over the release of Tori Stafford’s killer to a healing lodge.

When a grisly murder has occurred, and the killer has been released from behind bars, and the government is gaslighting the Opposition by claiming that it was all Harper’s fault, the CBC is getting right to the heart of the matter by making their headline about Scheer and his oppositional defiance antics.

Pipe Dreams

Sometimes the CBC is able to bring stories to light that would otherwise go completely unreported. Like how the Trudeau government scored “a win” by keeping a pipeline alive, for now, with a commitment of $40 billion from the thing’s original investors. This gives him a record of 1-2 on pipelines, with Pacific Northwest and Energy East dead and Trans Mountain in trouble.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government’s flashy Sidewalk Labs partnership is falling apart despite similar gleeful media coverage, but you wouldn’t know that from the CBC. By the way, what is Trudeau offering to get these investors to invest in Canada anyway?

Getting Rolled By Polls

An Ipsos poll that came out on the 21st showed that the CPC and the Liberals were basically neck and neck. So what did the CBC do? They presented a helpful report from their Poll Tracker which claimed that the “wind was in Trudeau’s sails” because… he was four points ahead when all the polls were averaged.

He’s Got Away From Us, Jack

That’s a quote from Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”, a movie where the media of the future works tirelessly to cover up the fact that things are getting steadily worse. That’s what I was reminded of when former paratrooper Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil, promising to destroy rainforests and slaughter a bunch of people, and the CBC repeatedly tweeted out an insane article that tried to focus on the positives for Canadian business!

The CBC, in true CBC fashion, did not apologize, opting for another blogpost which tried to make the case that they had the best of intentions, and that maybe Canadians weren’t aware just how much Canada had invested in Brazil, and how well written and well researched the piece was. But they did acknowledge that they shouldn’t have tweeted the piece out from their CBC News Alerts account, which people sometimes pay attention to.

A Confederacy Of Dunces

Finally, the CEO of the CBC, fed up with all this robbling from the rabble, admonished  her competitors to “work together” or else Google and Facebook (which the Trudeau government  is busily selling everything out to by the way) would eat them all. If other journalists stopped complaining about how, say, the CBC constantly steals stories without attribution, then maybe they could share in the government broadcaster’s ample resources.


What could be worse than the CBC’s October? I’ll tell you–November!







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