The No Wynne Scenario Podcast (Ep. 4): Laughing Gas and Ads Bonanza


This week Graeme and Josh look at Ontario government and party ads, including how recent changes to legislation may have affected fundraising and rules for both types of ads. But first, Josh gives us an update on the Gas Plant Trial. At the end we also discuss what the hell a Red Tory means, and if Patrick Brown is right to court this elusive voting bloc.

Here’s a Globe and Mail report, backing up our one claim made in today’s podcast, showing the lion’s share of third-party ad spending was directed against the Ontario PC’s last election.

You can also check out Josh’s and Graeme’s latest columns at Loonie Politics, “The PC Party of Ontario’s Plan 9 From Outer Space” and “Wynne Needs to Spend $5.5 Million on Hydro Ads to Combat Fake News” respectively.




The No Wynne Scenario Podcast (Ep. 3): Muddy Fields and New Seats

This week Graeme and Josh look at the changes to the Electoral Boundaries Act and then go over Conservative Leader Patrick Brown’s and Premier Kathleen Wynne’s tiff over some (choice?) wording Brown used last week. But first, Josh tells us about his experience trudging through muck in bucolic Walton where the Ontario party leaders attended the annual International Plowing Match.

You can also check out our latest columns at Loonie Politics: “The Myth of the Rational Ontarian” and “Wynne and Brown Play a Dumb Game of Chicken“.

The No Wynne Scenario Podcast (Ep. 2): Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This week Graeme Gordon and Josh Lieblein look at which MPPs in the Liberal Party of Ontario have left, are leaving, haven’t decided, and are staying. We also go over some developments from the Sudbury bribery trial during last week’s proceedings, including Premier Wynne taking the stand to give testimony. (Let us be VERY clear, we in no way mean the good Premier is herself standing trial. Just covering our bases so we don’t receive a legal notice demanding a retraction and apology.)