What Was Wrong With CBC’s ‘The National Monday Night (October 30, 2017)

(What Was Wrong With CBC’s The National Mission Statement.)

Time allotment for The National stories on Monday.


What was wrong with CBC’s The National Monday night:

  • The lead story about the indictments made no mention of the connection to the Tony Podesta, a Democrat operative also implicated in the indictments. The Russian investigation is going to reveal that political operatives on both sides of the aisle have been influence peddling for the Russians. It will be interesting to see if the CBC continues to make this solely a Republican story and continues to act as if Hillary Clinton’s operatives are not involved as well. It goes without saying this is a big story, but the way the CBC portrays it is they’re trying to tie it directly to Trump, but it’s much more nuanced than that.
  • David Cochrane’s report on the revelation that three or four more Liberal ministers also don’t have their assets in a blind trust got spun into a “tit for tat” story where the Liberals went after the assets of Consevatives, too. Some credit to Cochrane though, he did point out the differences between former Finance Minister Joe Oliver and current Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s investments, mainly that Morneau owned shares in a company he regulates. At the end of the report, though, Cochrane dismisses the Conservatives calling the the situation “an ethical cesspool” because the Ethics Commissioner signed off on it, but what has never been made clear in Cochrane’s reporting is that Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson asked the Harper government to close the ethical loophole in 2013, and she did not recommend Morneau exploit it, but simply advised him that under the current law it wasn’t necessary to put it in a blind trust. The Liberals have been trying to scapegoat Morneau’s own decision as that of him simply taking the advice of Dawson. Also, the CBC continues to leave out the juiciest parts of Question Period, like when Trudeau continues the gaffe from last week again in calling Dawson’s role as the “Conflict of Ethics Comissioner.” If a Conservative PM continued that gaffe the CBC would not be so kind as to ignore it from their reporting.
  • CBC continued it’s coverage of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry. The whole production has been one error after another, and like I’ve said before the CBC has been reporting on the hearings repeatedly and in-depth, which isn’t a bad thing but makes one wonder why it gets more precedence than a lot of other Canadian news stories that are more breaking. Like I’ve said though, CBC likes to devote more of its focus on the dead than the living because you don’t have to speak ill of the dead.
  • The next report worth mentioning was a report on the record levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Although I don’t deny that humans are having an adverse affect on the atmosphere and climate, the jury is still out on the extent of our effect. CBC presents climate change as if it is an imminent threat to mankind, and is completely in alignment with the Liberal government’s dogmatic stance. The other problem “climate skeptics” like myself have with climate change zealots is that the global communities ways to solve the problem are largely nonsensical and mainly force the developed world to commit economic suicide. After CBC presented the new report on the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they plugged an upcoming segment later in the week where science correspondent Bob McDonald will pretend to be an expert on everything climate change and take viewers’ (congregants’) questions.
  • Later in the broadcast CBC spent another 10-minutes talking about the indictments with two American journalists, a waste of time mainly and the host of course asked if Trump is closer to impeachment, even though the report clearly did not implicate him in any way.
  • The National then spent seven minutes on paddle boarding as a sport (skipped).

If you’re disastified with CBC’s coverage make sure to down vote Monday’s episode.

Monday’s The National


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