What Was Wrong With CBC’s ‘The National’ Tuesday (October 31, 2017)

(What Was Wrong With CBC’s The National Mission Statement.)

Time allotment for The National stories on Tuesday.


What was wrong with The National Tuesday night:

  • The lead story on the New York terror attack was actually a good news report
  • The lead story was followed up with a former CSIS officer explaining terrorist attacks and giving background. Again, another fair report. (Have to give credit where credit is due.)
  • The follow-up reporting again failed to tie in top Hillary Clinton political operative Tony Podesta. Otherwise it wasn’t too biased.
  • A story on the possible cancellation of a hydro dam in B.C. took a few minutes of the broadcast, but still no report on the story of money laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars in B.C. casinos for some strange reason.
  • CBC spent almost eight minutes trying to hype up its Pyeongchang Olympic coverage.
  • The National then interviewed murdered Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky’s family. The interview was good, albeit long (nine minutes). An important story though as Canada just passed a Magnitsky law against human rights abusers.
  • A nine-minute feature on crowdfunding money for the classroom seemed painfully boring so I skipped it.
  • CBC finally dropped the ball by having a 28-second report to give a rundown on all of the costumes worn by Dear leader’s family. In the two weeks I’ve been covering The National Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has barely been on for more than a few seconds at Question Period and the new NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been completely absent.
  • The ongoing scandal involving Finance Minister Bill Morneau at Parliament was again completely ignored, despite Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre dominating him in Question Period.

If CBC’s bias towards Trudeau and the Liberals bother you make sure to give The National‘s episodes a thumb down.

Tuesday’s The National.


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