Clueless Liberals Don’t Understand Ford Voters

By Josh Lieblein

With her assertion that if students don’t get out and vote, older, whiter voters will, Kathleen Wynne shows that she and her Liberals are on the fast track to getting torn apart by the Ford machine.

Much like Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” moment, this one is going to hurt the Liberals badly. Not so much because it insults older white people, which it does, but because it confirms the bad rap the Liberals have. Insular, arrogant, out of touch, and contemptuous of those lesser beings who don’t agree — and see flaws — with their progressive agenda.

Incredibly, even after having lost to the Fords once previously, the Liberals have been downplaying and soft-pedaling the threat posed to them by Doug The Thug. They were practically twitching with excitement for Ford to blow himself up by saying something stupid or coming off as angry and defensive, which would mean they could just wait for him to self-implode and then just wait for another enormous majority to show up on their front door on June 7th — with many voters desperate to keep out the so-called Donald of the the North.

So this past week — in what was no doubt an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE —  a CBC Ottawa host just happened to ask Doug a bunch of gotcha questions. Then, through some magical procedure, a Liberal social media push spontaneously materialized, complete with a goofy stock Ford photo.  Game, set, match! Well, no, because the polls still show the PCs barreling towards winning effectively all the seats. You could practically see the Liberals standing around bewildered, asking themselves, “Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

This is almost as, if not more, embarrassing than Gerald Butts beating the PCs provincially with Dalton McGuinty, then whipping the country’s full Conservative complement with Trudeau 12 years later. In both of those ill-fated campaigns, Team Blue couldn’t be bothered to understand how anyone could vote for those tax-and-spend Liberals. And yet, they did, in droves, because the befuddled Conservatives appeared befuddled and not at all like they knew what was going on.

It does beg the question, however, of what the Liberals have been doing for the past year and a half that Trump has been in power, besides chortling at lame SNL skits of his administration that have led to a drop in that shows ratings. It sure wasn’t getting over their Liberal snootiness and leveling with the people they’ve pissed off over the direction their regime has taken, or even taken the first concrete steps toward restoring trust in them governing.

But much like their non-strategy of waiting for Ford to screw up, doing either of those things would require stepping outside their comfort zones. So maybe it was asking too much to think that the Liberals could change course — like not running a $8 billion deficit — and show some humility.

As soon as the question marks appear over the collective heads of a political party in power, and they double down on what made them unpopular in the first place, you can mark them as good as doomed.


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