Report and Raw Video from Faith Goldy’s Interrupted Speaking Appearance At Wilfrid Laurier University’s Campus

By Josh Lieblein

Tuesday night was a chaotic evening in Waterloo, Ontario, as ex-Rebel Media personality Faith Goldy and her entourage descended upon Wilfrid Laurier University for the inaugural lecture given by campus group the Laurier Society for Open Inquiry.

Her talk, which was titled “Ethnocide: Multiculturalism and European-Canadian Identity” was in effect cancelled after the fire alarm was pulled. She later gave a short speech outside the venue after being introduced by Laurier TA Lindsay Shepherd, who herself was at the centre of a controversy after she showed a video of academic Jordan B Peterson’s appearance on The Agenda With Steve Paikin and was disciplined by her supervisors in a closed-door meeting which she recorded on her laptop. Shepherd’s story went viral and free speech advocates across the world were outraged by the university’s reprimanding of her.


A crowd of protesters gather outside the venue.



Goldy, who was on the scene at last year’s white nationalist protests in Charlottesville and subsequently appeared as a guest on the white supremacist podcast The Krypto Report, was heavily protested at the venue, which was switched from the Bricker Hall lecture building to the Paul Martin Centre. Tempers flared before, during, and after the talk, including one tense moment where an air horn was used to drown out a spectator’s words, but fortunately no physical violence occurred.

In her brief improvised speech outside, which contained references to WLU being situated on a parcel of land at one time given to the Iroquois people by the British, Goldy stated that her presentation was “fact-based” and that the reason it was disrupted was that her arguments “might convince and convert people to the truth of what was happening in this nation.” She vowed to return to WLU to deliver it. Shepherd speculated that Goldy might return in a few weeks to WLU.

Below are some videos from the events that transpired on the WLU campus Tuesday night.

Protesters hold a “concert” before Goldy speaks.


Laurier Society for Open Inquiry members try to maintain order inside the venue.


Shepherd and Goldy speak after the event.




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